Membership Options

All Facility Membership

Includes full use of the Causeway Club facility- unlimited use of golf course, unlimited use of tennis and pickleball courts, unlimited use of the swimming pool, and attendance at all Causeway Club social events.

Legacy Membership

This membership is available for the adult children/grandchildren of active members, beginning at the age of 25.  Legacy Membership may continue until the Legacy Member reaches age 32, at which time the member may continue as an Standard Member by paying the then in-force appropriate dues. 

Legacy applicants are between the ages 25 to 32 year old on January 1.
The Legacy applicant’s parent(s)/grandparent(s)  are members in good standing at the time of the application and are without interruption from the time the applicant put in their application.

To continue Legacy Membership, dues must be continuously and timely paid.
If there is a lapse in membership the opportunity to continue as a Legacy Member is forfeited. The member may, however, rejoin at standard membership rate in any of the member categories for which they qualify. The then-in-force initiation fee will be required to rejoin.

Current members who qualify for Legacy Membership as of January 1, 2022 may continue at the Legacy Membership rate. Initiation fees will not be refunded. An application will be required.

Within the above categories there are two levels of membership:

Standard Family: An adult member, spouse or partner and all members of the immediate family under 25 years of age residing on the same property. Immediate family is defined as a child, daughter-in-law or son-in-law.

Individual: One adult with no additional family members

To inquire about or begin the membership process for any of the above options, please call
Jennifer Worcester, General Manager, at 207-244-7220. Jennifer can also be reached by email at